We were founded to help you and your family achieve everything you aspire to. That means we go beyond a traditional advisor’s focus on investment management to emphasize comprehensive financial planning that organizes all the disparate parts of your wealth, including real estate, compensation plans, taxes, and retirement. Because your dreams will take time to realize, we are committed to working with you over the long term, giving you confidence that you will reach your destination.

Our team is dedicated to bringing order to your wealth so you gain clarity about your finances. When you work with us, you team up with financial planning specialists, investment managers, tax specialists, and real estate professionals with the credentials and experience to analyze and make recommendations for all areas of your wealth.



Chief Executive Officer, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

Evor C. Vattuone, CFP®



Mira Ma, CFP®, RFC®

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

Laura Kimball, MBA, CPA

Associate Advisor,
Candidate for CFP® certification

Erin Menking, FPQP™

Operations Manager & Client Services Administrator, Registered Paraplanner, Candidate for CFP® certification


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