Our solutions are designed to meet your many financial needs. Whether those include making a seamless transition to retirement or buying a home for your growing family, we build comprehensive financial plans that incorporate the strategies you need to achieve your goals:

  • Investment management

  • Retirement planning

  • Executive compensation

  • Estate and philanthropic planning

  • Tax planning

  • Education planning

  • Insurance and risk management

  • Debt management

  • Rental and vacation property



You need to know that your wealth is working for you. By extension, that means you need to know that your financial planner is working for you. You can feel confident that we are working on your behalf because we are fee-only, goal-based, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.



As a fee-only firm, we do not sell products or earn commissions, and as a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have the legal obligation to put your best interests first. We embrace our fee-only, fiduciary status because it means you can trust that the advice we give is made with only your well-being in mind.



Your values, resources, and life satisfaction are intertwined. That is why we build investment portfolios to accomplish your goals, not the stock market’s. By doing so, we help you earn the long-term returns you need to fulfill your dreams.


CFP® Professionals

We are all CFP® professionals, which means we have undergone formal coursework, have passed a national certification test, and complete annual ongoing education so you can feel confident about our advice.

Fees for Services

We strive to make our fees both fair and competitive. We do this best by basing them on two components: a flat financial planning fee and an asset management fee based on the assets we manage for you.

Financial Planning

You pay an annual fee for the financial planning services we provide. Because everyone requires different levels of service, your fee is customized to your needs.

Asset Management

We charge a competitive rate for the assets we manage directly for you. We do not require that 100% of your assets be under our management; nor do we have account size minimums.