Our goal is to help you and your family achieve all that you dream of. To do this, we make sure to learn about more than just your money. We learn about your values and goals, making them the foundation of all the work we do with you.

Our in-depth conversation begins with our first phone call, is elaborated on with goal-setting meetings, and takes concrete shape in the financial and investment strategies we implement to achieve your dreams.


1.  Initial conversation 

You might contact us by an email or a phone call. Regardless, you have real-life concerns you want to see if and how we can address. We ask you to share where you are in life, any goals you may have, and what you are concerned about. We explain how we advise clients on nearly any aspect of their financial life, not just investments. If you think we could be a good fit, we set up a face-to-face meeting.


2.  Getting acquainted

Our goal is to not only get a sense of your money but what you want to do with it. Our financial satisfaction and life transition surveys help us determine where your wealth is working, where it needs help, and potential life changes that you should be prepared for financially.


3.  Mutual Commitment

We discuss the initial recommendations that we believe will bring clarity and peace of mind to your financial life. We discuss what our being a fiduciary means for you. If our conversation resonates with you, we mutually commit to work together.


4.  Goal Setting

We dig deep into your financial goals, concerns, and motivations. We draw on our conversations, and your answers to our questions to provide a powerful direction in planning. Our mission is to help you discover your values, goals, and aspirations, then create a plan to achieve that vision.


5.  Recommendations

With a deeper understanding of your life and resources, we present our comprehensive and detailed recommendations. Our recommendations will span the full range of your needs, including investments, retirement planning, taxes, and risk management.


6.  Implementation

Assuming you sign off on our recommendations, we begin to implement your plan.


7.  Monitoring

We check in with your plan regularly to make sure it is performing as needed. If you have experienced changes in your life that require strategy adjustments, we make those course corrections. We offer additional surveys, such as a values survey or wheel-of-life survey, to help us further tailor your plan to your vision and needs.


8.  Check-ins 

In addition to regular updates, we encourage you to contact us whenever something unexpected happens. As your financial teammate, we want to help you transition from one phase of life to the next.